Sunday, September 30, 2012

Angie's House-Favorite Spaces Winner in STL Homes and Lifestyles Magazine

I entered my mom in a decrorating contest for boutique owners through St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles magazine.  Our customers are always asking if her house looks like the store, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to finally give them a peek inside.  We entered my old bedroom, now the guest bedroom, and she won!! Here's the article:
Here are some photos I took and some by the photographer the magazine sent(Anne Mathis):
I have the cutest mom.  She even wears a lot of white lol.

 Just about everything in the house is from The White Rabbit.  Imagine that!  She sneeks things home when I'm not looking. 
I love the idea of a message to guests on a chalkboard!

Below is us at the awards party.  It was so much fun.  I'm glad we remembered to snap a picture.

Since you guys are always asking about her house, I thought I'd share a few more pictures of it. I'll take more soon, but here's what I have so far. Here's my brother's old room.  It's also a guest bedroom now. 
Old suitcases are one of our favorite things to decorate with.  You can stack them, paint them different colors, hang them as shelves...etc.

She didn't specifically have a headboard for this room yet so she just hung a chalkboard behind the bed.  Voila!  Cheap headboard.

And last but not least, the master bedroom.  Yep, that is also my Dad's bedroom.  My dad lives in a house with my mom, 2 fluffy shih tzus, and a whole lot of pink and white.

See the trunk at the end of the bed?  Daisy and Bailey(shih tzus) like to sleep on it at night when they get hot in the bed.  It is too cute when they're both stretched out on it!

She needs some photos or notes on her memo board!  It has the pins but it's naked!  The word "Paris" is stenciled on there.  I love it.

Notice in the picture below that my mom must have thought the plant wasn't tall enough to balance the height of the statue so she stacked some books under it.  Easy fix right?  Try it!
I have a strange obsession with the vintage pink lamp below.  It has a glass base with pink flowers.  The pictures in the frames are me and my little brother when we were kids.

This antique wardrobe has been in my parents' room since I can remember.  I remember trying to get inside of it when I was little.  She likes to keep her change of season's clothes in here.  When I was little, it was stained a dark wood color.

My favorite part about this room is the vaulted ceiling.  You can see it below.

People ask us a lot of questions about balance.  They want to know if everything has to be matchy and the same shape.  You can see in the picture below that she put a mirror in the center and then balanced out the two sides with similarly sized items.  They don't have to be the exact same shape or color as long as they balance each other out.

Look for the article about my mom and her guest bedroom in the October 2012 issue of St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles Magazine.  I'm so proud.  I will take more pictures of her house too.  Thanks for reading :) -Lindsay

Friday, September 21, 2012

Our first workshop-Pumpkin decorating

We recently decided that it would be really fun to do little evening workshops where we demonstrate a craft or a technique.  Our first idea was a pumpkin decorating workshop.  We carry several sizes of white faux pumpkins which make a great pallette for all kinds of embellishments, so we knew we were going to use them.  There were 2 techniques we wanted to demonstrate.  One was using glue and glitter to make a swirl pattern and a monogram. The other was using a lacy pair of stockings to cover the pumpkin.  Here are the 2 prototypes we came up with.
The lace one was done by Sarah and the "K" was decorated by Kristin. Pretty impressive for a first try right? 
After making our prototypes, we determined the supplies we would need.  Tons of glitter, glue, sequins, and stockings were collected.  We got a huge response from the invitation we sent out, so we split the class into 2 sessions.  It was so great to know that people were excited to attend!
Sarah and Kristin also made pumpkin pie bars, cake pops, and apple spice cakes.  We bought champagne and oj for mimosas. (because drinking and crafting is always a good idea right?)
Here is everyone working on their creations.
And here are a few of the finished products!  I posted all of them on our Facebook page and I'm sending a little gift to whoever gets the most "likes" on their pumpkin.


We seriously had more fun doing the workshop than we had ever imagined.  It was great!  Everyone was so happy, and much to our surprise, talented!  There wasn't a single pumpkin that was ugly!  I mean, not that we expected ugly ones,but they were really all wonderful!
 Now we are brainstorming for future workshops.  Everyone was asking what we're doing for Christmas.  Maybe a wreath?  Maybe how to decorate a mantle?  Maybe an ornament?  Maybe all of the above!  Let me know if you have an idea!-Lindsay

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great New Gift Items in the store now

At the suggestion of our employee Sarah, we have added a great new line of gift items to the store.  The whole line has items with inspirational quotes.  They have pillows, wall decor, and gift items.  We hope you love it too.  I think these items will be awesome gifts for the holiday!
  We are kind of obsessed with these quote boxes below.  They have 365 inspirational quotes inside.  It makes such an awesome gift.  $80. Choose from black or white.

We also got a couple of metal plaques with quotes for the wall.  They are cut out so you see the wall color behind the letters.  Wouldn't it be amazing on a blue wall?  $65

 This is a fun piece for your coffee table or side table.  It's a box with little removable blocks inside.  What a sweet gift for a friend or family member. $44

These down filled pillows are just so sweet and the fabric is thick and durable.  They could go on a couch, side chair, or even a bed.  The one with the love quote would be so romantic in a bedroom.


"Love which moves the sun and the other stars" 
 This is another tabletop block box.  You can move the letters around and spell other things if you'd like, but this quote is very sweet.  It's so well made.  They made it look old and worn.  It is just charming and we all want one!! $80
 I think these are amazing gift items for the holidays.  They are sweet and sentimental without being cutesie.  I'm so excited about this line and I hope you are too!   We will be carrying it for a while I think and I hope to add a few more pieces.  I'd be happy to ship any of it if you aren't in St. Louis! Just let me know! -Lindsay