Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Trip to the Texas Flea Markets

I have been hearing for years about the annual flea market and antique show in Texas.  I've always wanted to go, but the opportunity never really presented itself until a few months ago when a sweet customer of ours offered us a place to stay during the show.  It was an offer I couldn't refuse and before I knew it, I had a person to drive with and I was ready to go.

My friend Tracie and I left early Friday morning in the sleet, snow, and cold.  We were Texas bound and wondered what kind of trip we might have with the roads so slushy.  But, after a short time on the road the skies cleared and the temperature warmed up.  You might say we were a bit excited to get to Texas and planned to drive the 800 miles in one day. 

We saw the coolest giraffe statue in Oklahoma.

We reached our destination about 10 pm.  It was just light enough we could make out hundreds of tents and tons of antiques and junk for as far as we could see.  We both squeeled with delight!  We saw old doors, iron beds, dressers, tables, chandeliers, etc. just sitting next to the road for buyers.
 The ladies we were staying with had to meet us in town to take us to the farm that we would call home for the next week.  It was very dark and we really did not know where we were going or what the house looked like until the next morning.  The house was clean with one bedroom and one bath, a kitchen and a family room with a sofa bed that Tracie and I shared.  But for $30/night we didn't complain. It is difficult to get a place to stay for the flea market and we were very close to the road that held all of the vendors. 

This is the little ranch where we stayed. 
When I went outside the 1st morning I noticed it was really warm!  I loved it.  I also noticed we were really staying on an actual farm with cows, and a pig, and pastures.  It was really fun to wake up to the sound of the mooing and oinking.

This guy was not happy we were looking at him and he started butting the wire fence with his "long horns".

So now that we see where we are staying, we are on our way to town.  We would be seeing the tents for the first time in the daylight.  With a short trip to town we are in Warrenton, Texas where lots of dealers have set up to sell anything and everything!

These tents go on and on literally for miles! 

I love my shopping cart!!

Sweet Pea Bedding!  Such beautiful bedding and great displays.  Very high end but so fine.   I would love to carry her line but she does not allow for enough markup for a small store like mine.

I also love Carolyn Westbrook who had a fun small 2 room cottage full of her lucious ruffled bedding and decor.  If you have not purchased her book- "The French Inspired Home" you must buy it NOW!!  You will not be disappointed! 

You never know what you might see next!

During the week we spent in Texas there is a special show at Marburger Farm where the higher end designers set up to display their wares.  The displays were fantastic and the prices very high!  But we came away with so many ideas it was well worth the $20 early entrance fee.

One of my favorite looks was Robin Brown's from Magnolia Pearl.  She has a line of clothing that is linen and ruffled and very romantic.  Also very high end.  Her displays are wonderful as seen here with the doves inside the wire dress.  She had huge flowers made out of paper that were so fun.

We stopped for a break and had margaritas on the deck of a little cabin.  Doesn't Tracie look happy?  Notice the short sleeve tee?  It was so nice and warm!! 

Just getting started on describing the trip.  I have lots more photos and I'll post them soon.  To be continued....