Thursday, December 4, 2014

Annual Holiday Gift Guide!

Are you stressing out about what gifts to give this year?  I always start freaking out right about now and appreciate some good gift ideas.  I've asked some of the employees for their favorite gifts from The White Rabbit so that we can help those of you who are stuck.

Constellation Necklace $32
For-Just about anyone!  

These have been a huge hit with customers of all ages. They feature the constellation that corresponds to your zodiac sign.  Almost every White Rabbit employee has one!  

Michelle's pick:  Beautiful coffee table books. Prices vary
For-The dreamer

They are so fun to browse through AND they have the added bonus of looking pretty on your bookshelf or coffee table.  We have a good selection of decorating and display books to choose from.  

Emily's pick-Ayala Bar Jewelry $65-$205
For-Someone who would appreciate a handmade work of art.

These hand crafted pieces are limited to 6 month collections.  She designs them using fabric, beads, tassels and chain.  We have several necklaces and earrings to see in the store that would make a really special gift.

Hand Painted sign by A Home in Bloom $59
For-The Pinterest Lover

These are handmade by a local artist and feature the most popular quotes that you see on Pinterest. The best part is that you can tell the recipient that it was made right here in St. Louis by a young mom!  Our selection will vary based on what the artist has made.

Lindsay's pick-Individual Charms-$12.50 ea
For-A good friend

We have a lot of cute charms to choose from.  There is a paw print for the dog lover, a cowgirl hat for the Southern girl, and a cocktail glass for the socialite.  We can pull out the trays so you can look at all of the choices and assemble something really personal.  We also sell chain and link bracelets. 

Coasters made from real wood slices-$18/set of 4
For-The trendy homeowner

Natural wood slices are very trendy right now, especially among young people.  Our friend Susan custom prints these and could do a specific image for you.  Below are some of her most popular designs like the deer and horse.  She's also doing arrows which seem to be a favorite item with younger people. These coasters would also be great for someone who owns a cabin or lodge!                  

Nest Necklace $29
For-The proud Mama

You can choose anywhere from 1 to 4 eggs to represent the number of children in the family.  It's a very sweet and thoughtful gift.  You could even add a little initial charm to the chain.

Angie's pick-Lighted Marquee Letter $28
For-The decorator who isn't afraid to add a touch of fun.

These letters are the perfect smaller size for a bookshelf or mantel.  You can also hang them on the wall because they don't have a cord.  They're battery operated and have a switch.  Most of our customers have been choosing their last initial.  Available in A B C D E G H J K L M R S T W .  Comes in rust or silver.

If you can't make it into the store, I'd be happy to get any of these items shipped out ASAP.  Either email us at and I can send you a paypal invoice or give us a call and pay over the phone. 314-963-9784  Also remember that if you're really unsure about a gift, we always have gift certificates available in any amount!
Thanks for taking the time to check out our gift guide!  We hope you have a great Holiday season and get to spend time with family!