Saturday, February 7, 2015

Christmas ordering at Dallas Market-2015

This is the second part of my blog about our trip to Dallas this January.  In the first part, I talked about the decor we ordered that's coming now as well as our friend Susan's space and getting to meet Jeff Lewis.  In this part, I'll focus on the Christmas goods we ordered for 2015. 
We saw a lot of gray tones for Christmas this time.  We also saw the copper we've been excited about showing up in Christmas decor.  The tree below has both along with a big fox head!  We thought about ordering him, but up close, his eyes were kind of scary. 

The coppery color of these ornament clusters was so pretty.  I may just have to do a gray and copper tree at my house this year!
We ordered this copper colored ribbon.  I'm so excited to see a new color in the Christmas decor this year.  

Here's some more of the ribbon we ordered for wreaths.  I love that they give us little samples to take home.  My mom and I both have a weird sickness when it comes to ribbon.  We just want it all!  
I'm a little obsessed with this deer rug.  He's the cutest!  I think this is the first time we've found a cute Christmas rug for the store.

We ordered some cute stuff with gold script on it.  I'm still loving gold!  We usually participate in the St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles Tabletop Tour for Christmas so maybe we will do a gold and white theme this year.

We ordered some gray and white touches like these placemats and the pillow below.
I have a feeling my mom is taking home one of these deer pillows.  The white part is actually felt.

We ordered these giant deer.  They would be so cool in a front yard or on a big porch.  Look how pretty the magnolia and ribbon are around his neck!  I hope we can recreate it with our own greenery when they come in.  The lady we ordered them from was so sweet and it seemed like she was a smaller company.  We left hoping she would get lots of orders.  It has to be really hard to be a small company at a huge wholesale market with a lot of big competitors!
We ordered these big metallic flower picks.  They will go in an area with some pastels.  There was a lot of pink in the Christmas decor this time!
I love these trees because they are vintage inspired like the old bottlebrush trees but they have the trendy ombre style in their color.  It's the perfect combo of old meets new.

I really wanted this cool ferris wheel but it was too expensive. :(

Below are 3 different pretty displays we saw in Midwest/CBK.  They've always been leaders in their displays.  I wish they had more vintage looking Christmas items like they used to!

Below is a display we saw that pretty much looks like The White Rabbit.  Vintage dresser, gold mirror, flocked trees, old piano rolls... yeah, this could be our store!

We ALWAYS do an area of the store that is really natural and classic.  Basically, it's the Christmas items you can buy and know that 10 years from now, it will still look classy and not outdated.  We like to tell people to start with the natural look and add things like glittery picks or colorful garland if you want to add a modern touch.

Fun bed at Park Hill.  Probably don't want to take a nap on this though.
Got some of these cute trees!
The wreath below was so natural and wispy looking.  I could have sworn that it was real.  I can't wait to pair it with some pretty ribbon!
We fell in love with this huge deer and the fox so we ordered them!  I love how they put them on a cart.  Maybe we can find one so we can do something similar.  It would have to fit through our door though...
Notice anything funny about this set of 3 wisemen?  Lol!!!  Our sales rep pointed out that the manufacturer put two of them on camels and one on a horse!  So funny!

This company made a whole ceiling display with lights and birch branches.  We have branches in the store so we could make something like this!

We always love the white snowy Christmas look.  My mom cannot resist a cute snowy animal.  I snapped a pic of her after she got sucked into a showroom full of fuzzy Christmas animals.
My mom absolutely adored these white swans with little crowns on their heads.  We might put them in the window.  So cute!!
I love the idea of a set of 3 cute Christmas pillows.  These are simple and adorable.  My mom wants a set.
This magnolia garland will look great with our white snowy area.  
I took a picture of this company's window because I thought it was neat how they made all of those tiny paper cranes and strung them together.  I think they need a little more on the floor but it definitely caught my eye.

I'm really happy with the Christmas orders we placed this year.  I didn't take pictures of even half of it but at least you got an idea of what we saw!  Now we can get back to thinking about Spring!!  Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the store! -Lindsay