Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fall and Christmas Market orders

I already posted my entry about the everyday items we ordered at this Market in Atlanta.  Now I'm writing about the Fall and Christmas items we ordered for 2014.  We didn't find a ton of great Halloween goodies this year, but we did find more Fall than usual.  As far as Christmas, we ordered, as usual, TONS of animal things.  We cannot resist a sweet deer, polar bear, or snowy owl.  Impossible.  
We are really excited to start getting the shipments in July so we can prep for an amazing holiday season.

Here's an owl on the moon from the Bethany Lowe showroom.  Owls are always popular, especially for Fall.  I kind of want to hang him in my window for Halloween.

We've had this pillow before and everyone loved it!
Park Hill always has great dried leaves for Fall.  They know how to make a Thanksgiving display look so classy and we love that they mix real plants into their showroom displays.

We are really picky about our florals, especially about how shiny they are.  We try to find wreaths and garlands that look real and believe me, it isn't easy.  The ones above and below made the cut.  Thank goodness.  
There is a fun showroom that is nothing but ribbon and we always get stuck there for like 2 hours.  We asked one of the reps to take our picture.  This was right before we made a giant pile of everything we wanted for the holidays.  Left to right, Angie(my Mom), Susan Medart, and me(Lindsay).
The photo isn't great but here are our Fall, Autumn, and Thanksgiving choices.  The chevron on the left might be my favorite. I also think the pheasant ribbon would be awesome mixed with the argyle one for a Fall wreath.
These pumpkins have a masculine touch to them.  I absolutely love them.  Susan held them up so I could take a picture.

We ordered the pillows below for Fall and they accidentally shipped them already.  We decided that they're pretty for all year so we kept them!

So, I have a confession to make about Christmas.  We kind of went animal head crazy.  Like, we couldn't stop ordering heads.  We found a lot that we liked and we couldn't resist.  We've decided that there is literally going to have to be a whole wall of choices for animal heads this Christmas!  I only took pics of some of them.  Below is a moose.  He's really cool with a wreath around him!
Got all three of these.  The two on the ends are made of a sweater-like material.
Got this slightly smaller one too.
...And a driftwood deer head.
If I had to guess, I'd say we got about 10 different styles of animal heads for the wall.  Let's hope that you guys really want one for above your mantle!!

The Polar Bear is going in the window.  He's pretty big so we just got a couple.  What a sweet face.  Got the garland he's wearing too.
It's hard to see but this is a garland with mercury glass ornaments hanging from it. So fantastic to hang with greenery across a mantel!!

A couple of sweet Eiffel Tower and Fleur De Lis ornaments.
Glitter moose.
This dove is way cooler in person than it looks in the picture.  It's really big, like the size for a large buffet.
Pink trees for our pastel area.  They come as a set in a cute box.
We got this garland that looks really retro.  It's chunky but lightweight.
Look at this fun tree that they made from cardboard.  They literally cut the pieces into triangles.  It's so simple and cute!  I'm going to attemt it with some of the cardboard we get with our shipments.
A couple of stockings with a sweet ruffle and a simple stripe.  I like that they're a little girly but not too much.
One of our sections for Christmas this year will be all pastel colors.  We got this pale pink birdcage to display inside of.  I don't think I've ever seen a pink birdcage before.  Maybe a vintage one that has been sprayed pink?  I can't even imagine how much I would have wanted this in my room as a girl with finches in it.

This is a crown that has clips hanging from it.  Maybe we'll display Christmas cards from the clips.
These gold birds could be used all year but they were in the Christmas collection.  We may just go ahead and put them out when they ship in July.
This is a big white deer statue.  I love the idea of him as a centerpiece with greenery wrapped around the base.
I am so in LOVE with these winter prints.  They are GORGEOUS and the frame color is absolutely perfect.  These could really be out year round but the company only offered them to be ordered with their Christmas items.  The images are a sepia tone but it's the blue on the frames that I'm so obsessed with.
We found more fun ribbon in another showroom.  It's printed on burlap!  We still saw a lot of burlap this year but a lot of it was printed with color, instead of just plain.
Snagged these table toppers and runners for Christmas.  In years past, we have stuck with an all white,silver and gold palette but we've really fallen in love with color lately.  This red is so muted that it really looks great with anything vintage.
Bethany Lowe always has some fun vintage inspired ornaments, garlands, and santas.  She really sticks with the vintage look and we always know we can go to her showroom for the quality accents that will fit in with our look.

You can't really tell from the picture but this garland is lightly flocked so the deer are kind of fuzzy.  It was my absolute favorite item in their Christmas collection.  The antlers are silver.  We ordered quite a few of these.  They would be good on a tree or a mantle.

Here's my mom looking around in a more traditional showroom.  We didn't find a lot in there but there were little things here and there that go with our style.
Cute little birdies!
My mom has a thing for anything fuzzy so she was obsessed with these little skates for the tree.  They come in a set and I think they're actually felted.

We didn't get the huge skis but we got some smaller ones to hang on a tree with the skates.

These stockings have burlap on top and red ticking on the bottom.  We saw a lot of burlap at market but it was definitely mixed with color more for 2014.  In years past, it's been just plain burlap on everything.

Some trees set up at Park Hill.
We got these cotton wreaths because we're always looking for wreaths that are a little different from your standard Fall orange leaves styles.  I think it would be fantastic with a fun bow!

A deer table runner we ordered.
We added touches of plaid into this year's selection.  Mr. Santa has on a stylish plaid coat.  He's also carrying some little pinecones on his back.
A matching runner.  This will make for a cute little display with the stockings below.

Found a plaid deer in a different showroom.  I love it!!

We found a cute Cardinal ornament!!!  We saw several but a lot of them were kind of cheesy.  This felted one is adorable.  I can't wait to get him and see him on a tree!  Now let's keep our fingers crossed that our St. Louis Cardinals have a great season!!

I saved the Cody Foster pictures for last because it's the most fun showroom for Christmas!  They always have a lot of fun, creative displays along with the cutest ornaments and houses.

An awesome collage above their mantle.
There were a TON of ornaments to choose from.
More animal heads.
One of the coolest things in Cody Foster was the GIANT paint by number painting on the wall.  I don't know whether they had a stencil or an actual painting or what, but it looked really neat.

I think this ornament is so charming!  There is a little vintage looking truck inside.
We always get our little houses from Cody Foster.  We ordered these three.

The house below has a bunny in the front yard!!!  It was pretty obvious that we had to order this one!

Overall, market was a great experience.  We ordered a lot of great goodies that are already here as well as some fun things for the winter.  There are a lot of things I didn't get pictures of because we were so busy making decisions!  When they ship in July, I'll post some pics so you can see some of the other things that will be out for Christmas.  Can't wait!!  Thanks for reading!-Lindsay