Friday, September 21, 2012

Our first workshop-Pumpkin decorating

We recently decided that it would be really fun to do little evening workshops where we demonstrate a craft or a technique.  Our first idea was a pumpkin decorating workshop.  We carry several sizes of white faux pumpkins which make a great pallette for all kinds of embellishments, so we knew we were going to use them.  There were 2 techniques we wanted to demonstrate.  One was using glue and glitter to make a swirl pattern and a monogram. The other was using a lacy pair of stockings to cover the pumpkin.  Here are the 2 prototypes we came up with.
The lace one was done by Sarah and the "K" was decorated by Kristin. Pretty impressive for a first try right? 
After making our prototypes, we determined the supplies we would need.  Tons of glitter, glue, sequins, and stockings were collected.  We got a huge response from the invitation we sent out, so we split the class into 2 sessions.  It was so great to know that people were excited to attend!
Sarah and Kristin also made pumpkin pie bars, cake pops, and apple spice cakes.  We bought champagne and oj for mimosas. (because drinking and crafting is always a good idea right?)
Here is everyone working on their creations.
And here are a few of the finished products!  I posted all of them on our Facebook page and I'm sending a little gift to whoever gets the most "likes" on their pumpkin.


We seriously had more fun doing the workshop than we had ever imagined.  It was great!  Everyone was so happy, and much to our surprise, talented!  There wasn't a single pumpkin that was ugly!  I mean, not that we expected ugly ones,but they were really all wonderful!
 Now we are brainstorming for future workshops.  Everyone was asking what we're doing for Christmas.  Maybe a wreath?  Maybe how to decorate a mantle?  Maybe an ornament?  Maybe all of the above!  Let me know if you have an idea!-Lindsay

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