Saturday, September 1, 2012

Great New Gift Items in the store now

At the suggestion of our employee Sarah, we have added a great new line of gift items to the store.  The whole line has items with inspirational quotes.  They have pillows, wall decor, and gift items.  We hope you love it too.  I think these items will be awesome gifts for the holiday!
  We are kind of obsessed with these quote boxes below.  They have 365 inspirational quotes inside.  It makes such an awesome gift.  $80. Choose from black or white.

We also got a couple of metal plaques with quotes for the wall.  They are cut out so you see the wall color behind the letters.  Wouldn't it be amazing on a blue wall?  $65

 This is a fun piece for your coffee table or side table.  It's a box with little removable blocks inside.  What a sweet gift for a friend or family member. $44

These down filled pillows are just so sweet and the fabric is thick and durable.  They could go on a couch, side chair, or even a bed.  The one with the love quote would be so romantic in a bedroom.


"Love which moves the sun and the other stars" 
 This is another tabletop block box.  You can move the letters around and spell other things if you'd like, but this quote is very sweet.  It's so well made.  They made it look old and worn.  It is just charming and we all want one!! $80
 I think these are amazing gift items for the holidays.  They are sweet and sentimental without being cutesie.  I'm so excited about this line and I hope you are too!   We will be carrying it for a while I think and I hope to add a few more pieces.  I'd be happy to ship any of it if you aren't in St. Louis! Just let me know! -Lindsay

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