Wednesday, November 7, 2012

French Script Paper Tabletop for the Holidays

Hi all, I wanted to share our most recent fun event with you.  We were lucky enough to be asked by St. Louis Homes and Lifestyles magazine to be a part of their annual holiday tabletop tour. We had to decorate a table and then give a little presentation about it every hour last Saturday.  The event raised money for Ranken Jordan so were were thrilled to participate.
The first thing we did was pick a theme.  This was so easy for us because our favorite holiday collection in the store is a french inspired theme with a lot of script paper elements.  How fun is it to decorate a tabletop with something unexpected like paper?
 Above-Eiffel tower box by Cody Foster and bird with script paper wings from Bethany Lowe.

This treetopper/table decoration designed by Lesa Davis is another of our favorites.  It was definitely one of the main inspirations for the tabletop.
Our next task was to pick out a special treat for visitors, so Sarah came up with the idea to do a hot chocolate bar.  Here's the blog where she came up with the idea.
We made a huge batch of hot cocoa and got biscotti, peppermint bark, whipped cream, marshmallows, and peppermint flakes.  It was so fun!

Here is the actual tabletop that we came up with.  Since Emily worked on it more than any of us, we decided that she should do the presentations. 

More paper elements

 The runner in the picture below was just a piece of old burlap that Kristin made paper flowers for.  She just hot glued them onto the ends and voila!, we had an inexpensive runner that tied into the rest of the theme.  Don't be afraid to make little inexpensive creations like this!  If you add them to pieces you buy, it will look like you spent a lot more money than you did!
 The centerpiece of the table is a big mercury glass jar with some juniper sprigs and branches.  Emily clipped some of the script flowers onto the branches to match the flowers on the napkins.

Emily tied little wreaths with bows onto the back of each of the chairs around the table.  Aren't they darling?!  She used a ribbon with a script pattern so that they would tie into the theme.

She used little juniper berry sprigs that have just a touch of blue in them.  To tie in the blue with the table, she brought in some light blue napkins.  She used pine as a charger too.
Emily did a great job with the tabletop tour and we've had some wonderful customers tell us that it was their favorite one! I'm so glad we were able to participate this year and I hope we do it again next year!  What is your favorite part of the table?  We'd love to know!  -Lindsay
If you like anything you saw, you can get in on our website!  Here's a link to the holiday section of our site.

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  1. Nice Post....Such pretty table arrangements. Every thing looks amazing. Great job done keep it up!