Monday, December 3, 2012

Crazy for quotes, words and letters

It seems like half of what we sell every day is something with a quote or initials.  Words are extremely popular right now to wear AND decorate with!  These are some of our most popular items in the store.   For those of you looking for gifts for the holidays, these are a great idea for friends and family. 
This one is really simple and kind of rustic. 

Everyone asks us to ship these windows but it's so expensive!  They're large and bulky.  We sell a ton of them in the store.  They're made by a local artist called Old Barn Rescue.

This Coco Chanel one is the same artist.  A lot of these go into little girls rooms!

Tiny charms are always popular.  These are $12 each.  I love them because they have gold and silver on them so they go with everything.
The mother of pearl initials are very popular as a gift.  They're so classy!  $18 each

Last but certainly not least are the books cut into the shape of letters.  We have these in our Brentwood store and in the co-op downtown.  At $12.50 each, we can hardly keep enough in stock to keep up.  They are all one-of-a-kind so it is really fun to open the box and see what we've gotten in each shipment.

 Do you love words, quotes and letters?  We definitely do!  If you like any of these items, you can always call and we'll hold one for you or ship it.  314-963-9784
Thanks for reading!  We hope you're having a great holiday season!!-Lindsay

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