Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grand Opening Fun at East and West, a new boutique

We are so excited about our new friends Brian and Lauren Simpson who have recently opened a wonderful boutique in downtown Kirkwood.  They came in to The White Rabbit hoping to find cool display furniture for their store called East and West, a clothing boutique inspired by designers from the coasts.  The two saw a need for a quality shop where men can find brands made in the U.S. that you just won't see anywhere else in the Midwest(there are a few things for the ladies too!).  We were thrilled to help them find unique pieces for displaying their wares. 
We recently visited them during their grand opening event and snapped some photos of the pieces they got at our store! 
It was so fun to see it all come together.

This is Brian and Lauren in front of a cabinet they bought for their line of men's skincare and grooming products.  I will definitely be visiting this cabinet for my brother's Christmas presents!
P.S. Aren't they kind of ridiculously cute??

They got this red table recently and I almost shed a tear when it left our store.  It has a rusty metal top and it came in with this red, flat paint. Awesome!
 They bought this banner for their wall which is perfect because it has the names of New York subway stops.  This is our best selling website item by the way. They put a ladder in the window and draped jeans and shoes from it. 

This old Brach's candy display shelf turned out to be the perfect piece to display their candles and colognes. We had JUST gotten it when they snatched it up! 
See the  leather bag on the crate next to it?  My boyfriend got it for me. :)

 We painted the top of this table with chalkboard paint so that he can write sizes, prices, messages, etc.  It was a really simple table but adding the chalkboard top makes it a little bit more special.

 We had these sheets of galvanized metal at the store and Brian thought it would be really cool to use as his checkout counter front.  What a fun idea!  I love re purposing old materials like this.

This chalkboard came from us.  Looks great! The table below is metal.  I love mixing some industrial elements with painted pieces.  It keeps everything from looking too matchy and formal.

We helped them create a collage of frames to go above a clothing rack.  Don't you love the colors they chose?  They were a little too bright to begin with so we used a brown glaze to make them look older.  Glazes are easy to use.  I would really recommend experimenting with them if you haven't yet. 
 Want to visit this new boutique? They are at 205 N. Kirkwood Rd, kind of across from Deweys Pizza.  You can also visit their site at

Please be sure to tell them The White Rabbit sent you!


  1. Looks like a very cool store! Love the frame collage and the Brach's cabinet...oh my, it is perfect. Best of luck to them; certainly being across from Dewey's won't hurt :)


  2. Hi Susan,

    Love your new store. I have a question about your Brach's candy display. I picked up and identical display at a garage sale today (except it is painted a strange orange color) and I'm trying to get an idea of what the original color may have been and an approximate age.

    Good luck with your new adventure!