Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Getting ready for Halloween! What's inspiring us.

Can you believe that we will be putting our Halloween merchandise out in about 2 weeks?  I know!  It's crazy.  Our customers are really excited though.  We've had a lot of people wanting to know when they can see it. 

We've been gathering inspiration for our displays from Pinterest and I wanted to share some of our favorite ideas and images(to be clear, these are things I'm getting inspiration from, not our own projects :) ).  This will give you an idea of the look we are trying to achieve.
First of all, most of it will be black and white.  We have a few things that are a muted orange and brown, but a lot is white. (surprised?)

I'm trying to figure out how to recreate this wall of silhouettes.  Don't you love the look of the gold with the blacks and browns?  I know we can get lots of old frames like these but where did they get those silhouettes?  Perhaps someone on ETSY sells downloads of them??

Just a little bit of Victorian influence.

 A little magic marker is all you'd need to make the tree below! And you can adjust the branches depending on how many shelves you have.  Cool idea!

Pretty pumpkin art!

My absolute favorite photo is the one below.  It's exactly what I want our Halloween "look" to be.  It's a little bit glamor with the gold, it has a little vintage with the old silver tray, it's got shells and white coral which is a little unexpected, and it's mostly black and white so it has a clean, simple feeling. 

We did order full sized skeletons like this one.  We also have ravens, domes, shells,old books, and vintage silver so I'm hoping we can re-create the feeling of this picture.
 We have had our pickers looking for old top hats for about 3 months now.  I want to put them on skeletons, pumpkins, and crows.  LOVE!
 I love everything about the photo below.  The clock on the wall, the paint color on the shelves, the number on the pumpkin... Ok, really I love everything.
 I love that the owl is looking into a mirror here.  And the chippy wood on the wall is fantastic!!
 A cute mantle display that popped up when I typed in "black and white Halloween"
 Lacy pumpkins.  How cute!
 This picture below is from Curious Sofa.  Did you ever visit that store?  It was in Kansas City.  Owner Debbie Dusenberry always had the coolest displays! I'm loving these stockings coming out of the ceiling.  She doesn't have a storefront anymore but she still sells online.  Here's her site!

 I'm wondering how time consuming it will be to make these book pumpkins.  It looks easy, but crafts are never as easy as they seem!  Have any of you tried it?

Here are a few pictures of actual things we ordered.  If you want any of them, let us know and we can set one aside for you!
We ordered lots of this cutie with the crown!
 We had these jeweled pumpkins last year and people went crazy over them so of course we got more!

 We got a few sizes of these lace pumpkins.
 I absolutely fell in love with the skull tablecloth.  It has black tulle on the edges.  Amazing!!!
 This is the showroom we ordered most of the best stuff from.  I can't wait to put it all together.

We are hoping to get everything put out by August 20th.  I'll definitely post pictures and let everyone know when we have it all set up.  I post the most photos on Facebook so check out our page if you haven't yet!


  1. I am SO making those lacy pumpkins with the crochet! Love them. Lots of inspiration in these photos :)