Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our setup for the Collective in downtown St. Louis

Hi guys, it's Lindsay here. We just finished setting up our space in the cool new Collective downtown and I wanted to share the pictures and info. It's a store full of local boutiques that was dreamed up by Nicole Benoist.  It's really a fun concept.  Here is a list of the boutiques that are in the Collective:
Adam Foster
Alternative Apparel
Byrd Style Lounge
Genovese Jewelers
Ivy Hill
Kate Pollman
Oh Lolli Lolli
Q Boutique
Retta le Ritz
STL Style
twigs & MOSS
Wai Ming
White Rabbit
Women’s Closet Exchange
Phoenix Rising
City Sprouts
Located in the Mercantile Exchange district on Washington Avenue in St. Louis, it's a great spot to attract visitors, tourists, and local sports fans and residents.  I (Lindsay) recently moved downtown so I can walk to the space and make sure it looks good.  I'll be changing the displays frequently to keep it fresh.  Here's the awning:
Below is a picture of the space before anyone had moved in.

We checked in on Friday and this is what our space looked like.  It's just a blank wall with 2 partitions on either side.  We love a blank canvas!  What a fun challenge!
I have kind of taken over as the project manager for the space since I live a few blocks away and I have friends that live downtown.  I'm hoping that I can bring in goodies that some of the residents in the lofts will love.  We bought a little differently than we do for our main location because I think the customers will be a little different.  I think it will be tourists and young residents.  There is a lot more color in this display than our customers are used to from us!
 We've got candles, jewelry, these metal clocks, and lamps in the space.  Susan from Knollwood Lane made onesies that say "made in St. Louis" and totes with the Arch on them.

The french cow head is my favorite part.

These necklaces have vintage maps of St. Louis on them.  We sell them in our Brentwood store too and they have been a huge hit.  I displayed them in an old suitcase.

Here is my mom and I in our space.

After setting up, we walked next door to Pi and had lunch.  It was so fun and we cannot wait for you guys to see everything.  You can see pictures of other booths on their facebook page.  It opens in a few days so get ready!  Let us know what you think when you visit!


  1. oo just love it...what a wonderful job,good luck and so happy for youse....

    1. Thanks Kathy! You're such a supportive friend to us! The world needs more people who are as nice as you!!! Thanks a lot! P.S. Sorry there isn't any pink in it lol.

  2. I think you going to do just fine, Looks like you put a lot of thought in what is going to be appealing where you are at. I will be sure to stop in.

    1. Thanks Mike! It's going to be a pretty cool place based on the other things we've seen in there. I can't wait for it to finally open! Thank you for checking it out!