Friday, June 1, 2012

Stores with displays from The White Rabbit

When we started our business, we had no idea that we would have so many other business owners coming to us for their display furniture.  We have gotten to meet so many amazing people who have started boutiques in the area!  I wanted to share some of them so you guys can check them out. 


Cha is a really cool clothing boutique in Ladue.  Sarah is seriously the sweetest person we've met in a long time!  She wanted unique pieces to display her clothing and accessories on.  She said the fixtures in the catalogs for businesses were just too plain and boring!  She got a bunch of large and small tables from us as well as the cool wire rack shown below.  This is my mom and I visiting her at Cha shortly after she opened.  We're leaning on a white table that came from The White Rabbit.  You've gotta go see her!  She's right near Giddyup Jane on Clayton.

Here's her site!  Tell her Angie and Lindsay sent you!


Courtney Hopson, owner and designer at Codi has been a customer for a very long time.  She has a really fun, bright look to her store and she wanted some black and white furniture to go with her bright colors.  She bought a ton of stuff for display for both of her locations.  Her jewelry looks great on painted furniture.  See the black, crystal chandelier?  It actually survived our flood and ended up in her store!

The picture above is her little girl's corner.  Of course The White Rabbit goes great here too!  Stop in and see a ton of fabulous jewelry at either the Ladue or Town and Country location!


Cat's Meow

Catherine from The Cat's Meow came in and needed several large pieces for display.  You can't see most of them in the store because they are covered with all different options for monogrammed gifts!  Very cute!


We are so lucky to have met the mother-daughter team that started Tigerlily!  They are absolutely hilarious and awesome.  We can't say enough good things about them.  They have wonderful gifts that can be monogrammed for any occasion.  If you need a gift, you've gotta go!  You'll end up getting a little something for yourself too!  They're right in the heart of Maplewood on Manchester.  It's such a cute area to stroll around and maybe have a little lunch.

If you click the link to their website, you can see some of what they carry.

Fleur De Lis Bridal

Connie and Kristin opened a bridal boutique in Clayton that offers brides-to-be very personal attention and some great gowns that you won't find anywhere else in St. Louis.  They wanted a sophisticated, feminine look in their boutique.  Almost all of their furniture came from The White Rabbit!  They got chandeliers, a loveseat,a chair, 2 large mirrors, and 2 tables! I think there were other things but we can't even remember because they got so much! 

We are doing a fun Girl's Night Out event with them soon because they're going to carry little special occasion dresses as well as wedding gowns.  We will have models showing the dresses in the store on June 20, 2012. 
If you have an event to attend and need a cute little dress, Fleur De Lis will be the place to go!

The pictures below are from their Open House.  Everything looked so amazing!  The dresses are to die for!!!!!

Check out their website if you're getting married soon or need a special occasion dress.  They'll be happy to make an appointment for you.  They are also, extremely sweet, reliable, and not pushy.  We really can't say enough good things about them.

Pottery Barn Teen

Yep, I know what you're thinking.  Why on earth is Pottery Barn shopping in The White Rabbit.  We wondered a little too, but hey, it ended up looking great!  The people who do their displays needed a bunch of vintage items to use as props.  They bought several windows with quotes for their walls.  People come in all the time and say that Pottery Barn sent them here because they loved the windows.  They also bought the big arched mirror below and a ton of old suitcases.  I have a lot more pictures of our things in Pottery Barn but I'd rather show more from boutiques!


Sugar Magnolia

When you think about it, a lot of our pieces are kind of romantic, so it makes sense that a lingerie boutique would look great decorated with our furniture.  Owner of Sugar Magnolia, Lisa, bought her checkout counter (the amazing tufted piece pictured below) from us as well as those huge doors that are hinged together.  She cleverly used those to make a fitting room.
Lisa also bought a gorgeous marble top island to go in the center of her Webster Groves store.  She also bought chandeliers, chairs, benches and tables for display.  Don't the pictures look fun??  We haven't been in yet because she just recently opened but we can't wait!!


LuLu Mccabe Florist

I'm so sad that I don't have pictures for the next ones.  Michelle from LuLu McCabe Florist in Chesterfield decorated her store with lots of White Rabbit goodies.  She got a big cabinet that she says everyone oohs and aahs over when they stop in.  She can ship and deliver if you go to her site and see a beautiful bouquet.  We bought a bundle of hydrangeas from her and they were so big and full!  Here;s her site:

Ylang Ylang

Have you been to Ylang Ylang in Plaza Frontenac?  They are also a mother-daughter team.  Lois and Julie have had the fine jewelry business in the family for about 30 years.  It's so wonderful to meet family business owners that have been successful enough to carry on with their kids.  We created a wall of a bunch of different vintage mirrors behind their checkout.  They also bought a cabinet that has a chalkboard top so they can write messages to customers.  They re-painted their walls and the store is looking really fresh.  We're so glad we could be a part of it!

Coming soon!  East and West clothing

Currently, we are helping a young entrepreneur named Brian open a clothing boutique in downtown Kirkwood.  He is going to specialize in menswear that you wouldn't find in St. Louis.  He's been buying the more rustic, industrial style pieces that we carry.  He bought an old printer's drawer to display his accessories inside of.  What a cool idea!!!  I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as he opens and we get to peek around.

Can you believe how many stores have a little piece of our store inside of them?  We think it's really cool that we can be a small part of their success, even if just in their displays.  I'm sure we will meet many other business owners soon.  We will keep you updated on new shops that are opening.  And remember, please support us small businesses in St. Louis.  We work really hard!

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