Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Buying Trip to the Atlanta Mart Part 3

I have to apologize that these blogs about Atlanta aren't very orgazized.  I   took about 150 photos and can't remember what happened in what order.  It was all such a blur!  Below is some jewelry we got in the cash and carry building. 

Another jewelry booth where we had to stop was Jill Schwartz.  Her stuff is sooooo cool and we ordere some to sell for Christmas.  Below is her setup which was so quirky and fun and vintage.

We also got to meet her!  She wrote up our order and helped us pick out some great pieces. 

Us with the one and only Jill Schwartz!!!
And as if we weren't already excited about meeting one of our favorite artists, we were shocked to see Wendy Addison standing in the Tinsel Trading area.  Yipee, we've been ordering her glass glitter and paper goodies for years now and finally got to meet her!

Did you know that she's from Missouri?  She was very sweet and we placed an order for some of her creations.
Next, we got a couple of wrappy style bracelets.  These are really popular right now.  Expect to see lots of them!

I want to copy the banner idea below.  They literally took some string, cut out triangles from old paper, and folded the edge over and stapled it.  Easy!!!

some handmade frames we ordered
Not all of market is work.  There are lots of parties, coctails,and celebrations going on.

A lot of showrooms have beer, soda and wine sitting out.  We hardly paid for any food either because there were so many snacks and desserts out.
Some of the showrooms have some "interesting" merchandise...
Can't wait to steal this idea and wrap ribbon around old suitcases.

This pic below is what the aisles in the "high design" temporaries look like.  This is where Cody Foster and Jill Schwartz are set up. 

One evening, we went to Jalapeno Charlie's and sat on the patio upstairs.  The street that the mart is on is very busy and we had a great time people watching. 
One of the showrooms is set up like a cute little candy store.  They put the merchandise in cases that would normally have cakes and pies and the walls are pink.  It's so cute!

That's most of my pictures.  I hope they give you an idea what it's like to go to market.  People are always so interested in what goes on in this magical place!  It was a lot of work, but we ordered the coolest stuff.  I think this is the most excited we've been about what we ordered in a long time.  It will come in at all different times but if you want to know when anything specific is coming, just give me a call or email!  Thanks for reading!  -Lindsay 

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