Thursday, July 21, 2011

July Buying Trip to the Atlanta Mart Part 2

Ok so I'm back to uploading photos.  I don't know why but it seems like the blog doesn't like my IPhone.  Also, I had to let the Fedex guy into the back door so he could deliver CHRISTMAS merchandise.  Can you believe it?!  We already have shelves full in the basement that are tagged and ready to go.

Anyway, back to our trip!  So, every night, we sat and planned our next day.  You have to be really organized and know what you're doing at market.  We like to go to dinner and figure out our plan of attack at the end of each day.  Here's my mom studying the guide.
On day 2, we had an appointment in the Midwest/CBK showroom (you might have heard them called Seasons of Cannon Falls)  They had some cool displays and we got some fun cake stands and chandeliers.

Next, we headed over to one of our pillow vendors and picked out some fun designs.  We literally pulled them off of shelves and made a pile of what we liked.  The rep thought we were crazy I bet!

We just happened by a place with this pearl chandelier and had to have it!!!  In my mom's words, it's "stinkin' cute!"
Another place had these fun velvet and paper banners that say, "wish", "dream" and "love"  They also had these party hats and wings.
Made of wood and hangs on the wall.  Aren't they cool?

We came across a cool line of jewelry made with old parts and it has lots of fleur de lis and crosses.  We had a specific customer in mind for a lot of it.  Isn't it fabulous?  I made my mom put it on so we could get a good picture.

One of the days, (theyre all mixed up in my head now) we spent in the area called "Children's World"  We found a fabulous new line of baby blankets and bibs

Can you believe how cute the patterns are?  They're so soft!
We thought this set would be a great Christening gift
Next, we placed an order for some diaper bags that we think are to-die-for.  They're really expensive (Like in the $300 range) but so amazing!  My mom said she would have had 7 kids just to justify getting it.

We've been looking for cute gifty items for baby and found these little gift crates.  They come with a book, a teether, a finger puppet and little cloth.  You can read the book and use the finger puppet to make it come to life.  I think these will be $39.

Then we found some super soft swaddling blankets.  They also make a great gift!

Ok so I'm getting tired again.  I'll have to take a rest and do a part 3 of this blog!

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