Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Filming for Great Day Saint Louis

So exciting! This is Lindsay here telling everybody about our fun day.  We were lucky enough to be asked to do a spot for Great Day St. Louis and we filmed it today.  I can't be on camera because I stutter and sweat and sound like an idiot, so I volunteered my mom (Angie) to do a demonstration on camera.  Tee hee, sorry mom!

 Great Day suggested that we show how to use chalkboard paint to make a framed chalkboard.  My mom prepared yesterday by painting a frame and cutting boards to paint today.  We gathered brads and a tack hammer to show how to put the board into the frame and set up a little area in the store to film. 

Today at about 2:00, they put a microphone on my mom and she painted and talked like a pro.  I couldn't believe how natural she sounded.  She did such a good job!  They filmed her painting a small table too.
Here are our supplies and the frames we painted.

Here's Angie holding up the chalkboard paint.

This is my favorite picture. None of the pics turned out very clear or bright but her pose is really cute and her chalkboard says, "The White Rabbit."

The camera man looks like he is doing something really important too.

The camera man is giving a big smile!

Here is Angie talking about priming the table so the paint will stick.

We had so much fun doing this segment and we hope lots of people will watch it!  They haven't let us know when it will air yet, but they're thinking about a week from now.  I will post the day as soon as I know it.  -Lindsay

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