Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Setting Up For Christmas 2010

Yep, it's super early, but we've been very busy decorating for Christmas.  This year, we decided on a few themed areas including the "Snowy White" area, the "French Christmas" area, the "Silver, Glitzy" area, the "I'm Dreaming of a Pink Christmas" area, and the "Retro Christmas" area.  We've been having a hard time getting each area to look complete because a lot of the wholesalers didn't have the majority of their inventory available.  Has anyone else noticed this problem?  It's like everything we order is backordered and not available for months.  We had a diagram all drawn up with our plans and had to figure everything out all over again.  Ah well, just another day at the Rabbit. :)
The traditional, more natural area above has pine garland that you would swear is real.  I've even seen customers smell it to see if it's real.  I giggle a little to myself each time. :)

The area above is our White Christmas area.  It's the first one we put together.  My mom, Aimee, Emily and I stayed late one evening and climbed around in the window giggling and hanging lights and garland and trying to figure out how to put together that darn vintage tree.  Each branch has to be hooked into the center and we couldn't figure out what went where.  We learned that Emily is an obsessive fluffer and the branches and ornaments have to be spaced just right or she's not happy!  We also discovered that some stuffing we use for cushions works perfectly as fake snow in the window.  It was a fun evening and Aimees husband even brought us funnel cake from the carnival down the street. 

Above is the silver area.  Isn't the flocked tree gorgeous???  We found it in Atlanta and spent more on it than we would normally spend for a wholesale tree but it is just wonderful.  They flocked it in clumps like real snow.  We put it on top of a coffee table to make it as tall as the ceiling.  It gives it a little more drama.  Also, we didn't have a good tree topper so I hung a Wendy Addison glass gliter chandelier above it to look like a star.  We also wrapped some fake presents in old typing paper to make it more cheery.
This is the pink area (above)  Emily spent a lot of time making this area near the baby section her own.  It's hard to see in the photo, but she put a garland on the tree and then wrapped tulle around it to give it more depth.  It looks so cute.  We hung a pink chandelier in the window and put a chippy, pink glider in front.  We also had a small vintage pink door that is displaying some items.  Lots of people have commented on Emily's garland creation above the large cabinet in the baby area.  She clipped birds and hung little pink chandelier ornaments from it.  It's fabulous.

See the big santa in the back?  He was my grandma's and every time I see him, I think of her and how magical she made our Christmas every year.  We miss her a lot, especially during the holidays because my grandma pretty much made everything special, from the cooking to the decorating.

We made our beachy area look festive this year too!  Above, we hung an old locker basket and put a little lighted house in it and a starfish ornament hanging from it.  It's really fun to mix old and new.
This tree was my creation.  It has ornaments made of shells, mermaids, ornaments filled with sand, and blue ribbon.  It looked a little sparse so I bunched up some blue tissue paper and made little rosettes sticking out of the sides.  I also wrapped little fake presents and put them underneath.  This was a fun area to create.

Still to come is the retro area.  We didn't have enough room for it because our Halloween area took up so much room.  It's going to be a silly 60's area with felted deer and plastic garland and handmade ornaments.  Can't wait.

Next blog will be all about the little things, especially gifts!

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