Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tokyomilk Mother's Day Display Contest

Tokyomilk has been a staple at our store for a while now.  We are obsessed with all the scents, different products and adorable packaging.  Our customers love them as well. We can hardly keep the French Kiss and Dead Sexy scented items in stock! 

Around special occasions such as Christmas and Mothers' Day Tokyomilk will ask their distributers (boutiques like us) to participate in display competitions.  Needless to say we jumped at this recent chance.  

Take a look at what we put together for our Mothers' Day promotion! 

We already love the French inspired look of Tokyomilk but we wanted to add some of our own elements such as the shabby shutters, vintage chair and elegant chandelier. (Some of our favorite things) 

This particular contest theme was thought up by Margot Elena, a designer at Tokyomilk who has done some amazing things for the brand as well as others.  The image provided to us is one of a beautiful French woman which matched a French bust we already had in the store.  How perfect? 

Come in and check out the display in person! As a promotion we are giving away a free umbrella with a purchase of $50 or more of Toykomilk products*. 

*While supplies last. 

******UPDATE!!!!!!  We won FIRST place!!!!!!!!  Whaaaaaat?!?!?!?  So exciting!  Here's what they posted on their site!!!!  We seriously have the best team of ladies at The White Rabbit.  I'm just so proud!

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