Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Photo Contest

I cannot even tell you all how much fun it's been seeing the pictures that were sent in for our photo contest.  We love all of them!  Thank you so much to everyone who participated!  Now for the voting!!  Just leave a comment with your favorite photo's number or name and whoever gets the most votes by April 10th at noon wins a $125 White Rabbit gift certificate.  Woohoo!

Entry #1: Emily O'Brien-I'm a regular White Rabbit shopper--every room in my home has a White Rabbit piece! The store is also on my sister's "must list" every time she visits St. Louis. If I had to pick a favorite piece, it would be this functional and beautiful hutch. It holds all my old, mismatched china, glass, silver, and linens, and it looks gorgeous in the dining room.

Entry #2-Franny Powers-I love this mirror I got from The White Rabbit (my favorite store)!  It has moved with me twice and makes the room wherever it's placed. It's the feature of our living room right now above our fireplace (really fun around holidays to hang garland and decorations too).  It's the perfect neutral mirror and a piece I'll have forever!

Entry #3-Abby Manzella-This past weekend was my first time at the store! There are so many things I fell in love with but I had to get this little pink tutu for my daughter, Kylie! I bought it for her photo session next month! It is absolutely adorable :)

Entry #4-Claire Wiese-We owe a BIG thanks to Emily Murphy who selected this perfect dresser/changing table for our baby's nursery. She listened to exactly what I needed! This beautiful and functional piece of furniture inspired the shabby chic theme of the nursery. I know we will put it to good use for many years to come! 

Entry #5- Anna Guasto-My beautiful hutch! This lovely piece I discovered from the White Rabbit has become the centerpiece of my "country chic" dining room. It never goes seen without a compliment!

Entry #6-Krystal Brinkman-I purchased these numbers for my kids playroom! I love them! Not only do they add to the wall decor in a fun, colorful and distressed way - they are also educational! Perfect for a kids room without being too childlike! 

Entry #7-Karen Schmidt -This is one of my favorites from White Rabbit. We have a 14 year old beagle that this adorns out mantle in honor of!

Entry #8-Sandy Branson-I bought my peacock at the White Rabbit and I love its presence in the dining room. In fact, I love him so much that we have already named him! I also bought my mirror in the background from the White Rabbit, and I think it adds so much interest to the wall. I love this store.

Entry #9-Julie Thomas-I got this cute frame at The White Rabbit last week. It is a darling shop in Brentwood–I could outfit my entire home with their cottage and shabby chic items.
I added some homespun fabric for the base and then glued the button card on the front and voila–easy peasy decor. (Julie blogged about the frame too!

Entry #10-Kimberlee Johnson-A few years ago, I decided to change the look in my home to a lighter, more vintage romantic style, discovering your store made that transition so easy! Thank you for all the inspiration your store has brought to my home, I love that you carry a mix old vintage and new pieces. Some of my favorite pieces from you are my vintage suitcase, old books, and mirror, I feel they add one of a kind character to the room. Some of my favorite newer pieces from The White Rabbit in this photo are the terrarium, stone, and boxwood pieces. I love mixing different elements and textures in my decor, thank you or carrying such a wonderful variety of things! 

Entry #11-Kristin Weis-I love my faux leather love seat in my home office. It was important to me to have a statement piece that I look at everyday and love each morning. It makes my settle room look rich and inviting. 

Entry #12-Barbara Hopson Kasten-I got this mint colored mirror many years ago and made it the theme color and feature for my daughter's room. It is about 30 inches tall and still leans against the wall in her room. Six years later, she uses it less for less to watch herself during tummy time and more for dress-up and dancing.

Entry #13-Bob and Janet Hines-We love our  pretty White Rabbit etagere.  It provides extra storage for favorite cookbooks, fresh produce and our oxalis plant in our small kitchen.

Those are all the entries!  Now please leave a comment with your favorite!  Use either the number or the name of the person who entered.  Thank you!


  1. all are great but #6 please

  2. # 6 super cute!!

  3. Love #6 - lots of time and effort!

  4. I love #9 what a cute idea and affordable for all. I am off to find my vintage button cards :)


  5. Lots of effort in #6 - it gets my vote!

  6. #10 simple and elegant

  7. #1, love old hutches!

  8. #1...just beautiful.

  9. Terry Carey

  10. #6 is adorable... I may steal the idea.

  11. What a cute idea for a baby's room!

  12. my vote is for #6 please

  13. number 6 please

  14. LOVE #6 - how creative!!!

  15. #6 sweet !

    #6 So cute !!!

  16. Gotta go with her and her beautiful home!



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